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Skill Development

Strategic Outcomes specializes in the design, facilitation and evaluation of your selling, soft skills and leadership training curricula.



Strategic Outcomes focuses on workshops for advanced selling skills. In addition, we have vast experience in writing specific customized POA workshops based on your needs.

  • Custom Therapeutic Selling

  • Gaining Your Customers Attention

  • Advanced Questioning Workshop

  • Selling with Influence 

  • Storytelling

  • Gaining Conviction on Objections

  • Gaining Action on Commitments

  • Optimal Transitioning

  • Physician Styles Workshop

  • POA Application Workshops

  • Remote Selling for Life Sciences



Strategic Outcomes focuses in specific areas of life science management and director training. (live and virtual)

  • Change Management

  • Creating Engagement 

  • Custom Therapeutic Coaching (CTC)

  • Diagnostic Indicators

  • Influence Compass Workshop

  • Performance Documentation

  • Presentation Skills

  • Strategic Leader

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Styles Workshop (HBDI, MBTI, DiSC)

  • Team Dynamics Workshop

  • Virtual Remote Coaching

  • ----------------------------------------

  • Customized Offsite Retreats

  • Emerging Leaders Workshops

  • Experiential Workshops

Soft Skills


Strategic Outcomes focuses on workshops and webinars specific to the needs of your individual contributors.

  • Business Planning

  • Business Writing

  • Communication Skills

  • Conflict Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Goal Clarity

  • Negotiation/Influence Skills

  • Personality Styles

  • Problem Solving

  • Project Management

  • Time Management

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